Thursday, August 28, 2008

The National vs. Football HOF Weekend controversy Over

I talked to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH and they confirmed the induction ceremony aka "HOF Weekend" is the first FULL weekend in August.

To them, that means Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Since Friday is July 31, they moved the entire HOF weekend to August 7 - 9.

The National Sports Collectors Convention is still scheduled to begin July 29.

I'm not sure how much of a controversy it was really going to be anyway. The HOF's Mounted Memories shows seem to be going down hill and here's a list of who was at last year's National in Chicago.

Thanks to a heads-up message board posting on for asking the question. I'm glad I called the HOF this morning!

I think it's more about the area shows in Canton than the HOF. There are a lot of great shows at local malls in Canton that have great autograph guests. Last year I was all over the highway between Cleveland and some of the Canton malls. Fortunately, I live in Ohio, so depending on the autograph guests, I can possibly make both weekends.

I wonder how back-to-back weekends in NE Ohio will affect out of town collectors and the ability to secure autograph guests.

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