Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where is Gene Upshaw? Brett Favre Needs You!

Aug. 21 Update: My prayers are with Gene Upshaw and his family. He passed away this morning. 8/21.

Gene Upshaw is supposed to be representing all of the NFL Players' best interests including one of the game's biggest stars.

So where is Gene while Green Bay does everything in it's power to keep Brett Favre off of an NFL field?

Here are the facts:

1. Brett wants to play
2. Green Bay doesn't want him as their QB
3. Green Bay doesn't want him to play for anyone else

The Packers don't even want him on the practice field because they say he would be a distraction. Would someone tell me how you can compete for starting QB job without being on the field?

I'm not a Favre fan, I think it's ironic that his biggest problem on the field is his biggest problem off the field: Decision Making. But I'm really not in favor of indentured servitude and that's what this amounts too.

I know, you say, "hey he retired." Yes, that was yesterday and today he wants to play. So if Green Bay doesn't want him, they need to let him go.

I did a google search on these key words in the search "Gene Upshaw Brett Favre." I could not find one entry that has Gene commenting on the Brett Favre ordeal. Do you think Donald Fehr head of the MLBPA would sit back and watch if Derek Jeter wanted to play baseball and the Yankees wouldn't let him play anywhere?

Its' time for Gene Upshaw and the Players Union to get off their rear and get to Green Bay. One of their biggest stars is getting pushed and bullied around.

If a player wants to play, but his contracted team doesn't want him, does that team have the right to stop him from playing for anyone?


LaLoosh said...

Favre is retired. Everyone knows Upshaw does not give a damn about retired players.

JRJ said...

Good call on the retired players! Seriously though where is he and why is he allowing GB to take their time trading him? This isn't in the best interest of the player.

Anonymous said...

Apparently he did not comment because he sick. He died from complications from cancer this morning

JRJ said...

Anonymous - Thanks for the information, you're on the ball. I hadn't even seen this on the networks yet as of 8:30 on 8/21. . A true loss to Raider Nation and the NFL. I pray for his family and the ones he left behind.

I guess the better question would have been to ask where is the NFLPA instead of Gene Upshaw.

Thanks again for the information.

Steve said...

I can't take credit - Heard it on WFAN in NY this morning. I agree though, where was the NFLPA?

Moses said...

Gene Upshaw was sick during August 2008 with pancreatic cancer. He died August 20, 2008. I wish Terri Upshaw, his wife, and family well. I know Gene is in Heaven no matter what all of you think.

JRJ said...

Moses - Thanks for stopping by the blog and giving your opinion.

I also wish the Upshaw family well during these difficult times.

I hope the NFL does something special for Gene's family this weekend during all preseason games and throughout the regular season. I think a moment of silence and some marking on jerseys or helmets should be done to help us remember Upshaw's legacy which is more than his Hall of Fame playing career.

The comments made here three weeks ago by others and myself were not questioning Gene's acceptance into Heaven.

Thanks again for stopping by.

LaLoosh said...

Maybe I am missing something so I read my earlier comments. Nowhere did anyone say anything about Upshaw not going to Heaven. I only comment on his legacy towards football and retired players. No one can deny the good he brought for NFL players since he has been Union president. I would argue that you could induct him in the HOF AGAIN based just on his labor work within the NFL. I cannot make personal comments on the man because I do not know him. SI did a great article on him a few months ago and showed how much he cares about all players. I just thought he could do more for the retired players.
My prayers to his family and all who knew him well.