Thursday, August 21, 2008

Major League Baseball HOF Needs Web 2.0

I'll admit, I'm a huge baseball fan. I love the game and love the history. Sure there was a time (mid '90s) where I didn't watch or didn't follow it. I lost interest and lost faith in the sport following the strike.

Since then, I can't stop watching, following, and learning more about the game and the history.

This is why I want the Baseball Hall of Fame to get introduced to Web 2.0.

I subscribe to the Baseball HOF email distribution and received one yesterday about the 34th anniversary of Nolan Ryan's 19 strikeout, 11 inning performance with the California Angles. I really like this kind of baseball history, but the email from the Baseball HOF doesn't offer me anything more than what I could find on wikipedia.

Instead of just an email, the baseball HOF should take it a step further.

  • Give me a link to Nolan Ryan's induction speech.
  • Link me to a Baseball HOF blog posting about Ryan's 19K performance where I can discuss it, if I think this will happen again and which pitcher is mostly likely to do it.
  • Provide some videos of his uniform number being retired with California, Texas, and Houston.
  • Give the reader excerpts, podcast, or video links to an interview with Nolan about his career or this particular game.
  • Provide some memorabilia pictures, Nolan Ryan's cards, the newspapers that recorded his accomplishment, and the box score of the game.
If I dive into all of this, I'm much more likely to visit, buy a jersey, and get a membership to the HOF.

So much more can be done. Again, I'm a big baseball fan, I'm pretty sure that I'm the not the only one, and I want the best hall of fame (IMO) to provide the best communication.

So who could do this today? I'm not sure it will ever happen again, but if I had to choose someone, I'd say CC Sabathia.


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