Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MAB Celebrity Hears Your Opinions

The internet (in particular web 2.0 technologies) can bring corporations
closer to customers. It can propell them into the heart and the passion of
the customers.

Some sports memorabilia and card companies get that - others, not so much.

MAB's launch of an updated web site, new bulletin board and blog prove to the community that they want to hear us.

Since I've been a Signings Hotline member, I've always been impressed with MAB's responses and the response time to Signings Hotline bulletin board topics. Whether they are getting ripped apart for guests canceling appearances at autograph shows or they are receiving praises for organizing shows that collectors enjoy, MAB always seemted to be direct, open and honest.

This transparency, quick response time, and ability to react has earned them the trust of collectors throughout the community.

MAB's new bulletin board and blog is another attempt to bring them closer to their customer - the autograph and memorabilia collectors.

The Bulletin Board has a topic for each of their upcoming shows and general discussion. Collector's use this area to request guests for future shows. Imagine that - a company that solicts feedback from customers about a product they will pay for!

The blog seems pretty new and it seems like there is some indecision on what it's purpose will be. Will it be a forum to discuss autograph show ideas, future products, or MAB's recap from previous shows?

If you're an autograph collector, then I'd recommend checking out MAB's discussion board, web site, and blog. The area is fairly new and it isn't loaded with discussions and topics. You can expect your opinion and voice will be heard.

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