Friday, August 15, 2008

New Beckett Site or Free AOL Internet Hours?

I received my Beckett Sports Cards Monthly magazine yesterday and it came with a Beckett CD. It reminds me of the days when you'd receive AOL 1,000 Free Hour CDs with magazine purchases.

Do you remember when those CDs were everywhere? I think they even came in those ValuePack coupon booklets!

Anyway, the CD is to introduce readers to the I think it's good timing considering the problems they've had and now that features are being worked into the environment.

I'll check it out this weekend - I was too busy last night celebrating the week-long Madden Football holiday.

Update: I took a look inside the CD. It's basically a collection of links to their new site. Clicking on one of the buttons brings you to that page on the site. I was hoping there would be the tutorials on how to use different sections on the site since that seems to be a problem for many collectors. The CD also has wallpaper, cover art, and a blooper-esque video.

I do like the magazine though - McFadden's a good choice for the cover, the error card section is a great read, and there are some other good articles.

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