Monday, August 4, 2008

Next Generation of Pro Football Hall of Famers

I only listened to part of the HOF speeches this weekend, but I heard an interesting section of Darrel Green's son's speech. In it, he said that there were only two current NFL Players that would make the Hall of Fame.

What? Just two? I'm not here to judge speeches, but I do think this is an incorrect statement. Heck, I can think of two middle-linebackers playing today that should be in.

Here's a list of active players that I think would either get into the HOF or would be on the bubble. My scientific (yeah right) formula is: if the player stopped playing today, would he get in. Sure, Antonio Gates and Adrian Peterson are on there way, but if they retired today, they wouldn't make it.


  • Baltimore: Ray Lewis
  • Cleveland: Willie McGinnest
  • Denver: Champ Baily, John Lynch
  • Indianapolis: Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Adam Vineterri
  • Jacksonville: Fred Taylor
  • K.C.: Tony Gonzalez,
  • New England: Junior Seau, Rodney Harrison, Randy Moss, Tom Brady
  • San Diego: LT
  • Arizona: Kurt Warner, Edgerrin James
  • Atlanta: Morten Anderson
  • Chicago: Brian Urlacher
  • Dallas: T.O., Zach Thomas
  • Green Bay: Brett Favre
  • Philadelphia: Donovan McNabb
  • S.F.: Larry Allen
  • Seattle: Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson
  • St. Louis: Isaac Bruce, Tory Holt
  • T.B.: Derrick Brooks
  • Washington D.C.: Jason Taylor
That's 30 current players that will be considered on the bubble if they stopped playing today. And that's a conservative number - I'm sure I missed some lineman.

I don't know what criteria the Green son used, but I don't know how he can say there are only two future NFL HOFers playing today.


LaLoosh said...

Fred Taylor???Kurt Warner???Edgerrin James??? What drugs brought you these names?

JRJ said...

Kurt Warner's won 2 NFL MVPs, and is a Super Bowl MVP.

Edgerrin James is a 4time probowler with 11k yards.

Fred Taylor has over 10K yards.

I didn't say I'd vote for them in the HOF, but they are worthy of consideration given the fact that Green's son said only two in the NFL today are HOFers.