Friday, August 8, 2008

T.O. Tees - From the Original 81

Direct from HBO's Hard Knocks Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys, Terrell Owens has his own line of t-shirts.

The HBO show served as an infomercial for T.O.'s new business venture and provided ringing endorsements from T.O., Tank Johnson, and Adam Jones.

His web site, has a pretty huge discussion board with contests to win autograph game used footballs, and thousands of message board replies about several NFL topics. I was actually pretty surprised to see how many people were on the message board.

The site also has links to his foundation and everything T.O. does from workout videos to T.O. being T.O. commercials.

So T.O.'s tees all have this, iPractice, iCowboy, iBlock type of themes. Here are some that I came up with and who could wear them:

  • iRetire - Brett Favre
  • iSmoke - Ricky Williams
  • iFumble - Kurt Warner
  • iInterception - Brett Favre
  • iHorsecollar - Roy Williams
  • iUnemployed - Chad Pennington
  • iServedTime - Jamal Lewis
  • iCry - Dick Vermeil
  • iSpy - Bill Belichek


Troy said...

iWenttoMiami - Chad Pennington

Anonymous said...

ibreakrecords brett favre