Friday, January 25, 2008

Autographs on Trading Cards Can Customize Your Collection

I'm starting to change my position on not being in favor of getting autographs on trading cards. I like the trading card art and design and always felt that take a sharpie marker to it degrades it a bit. However . . . I think an autograph collection on trading cards can really customize your collection and that is what makes your collection more valuable to you.

I have also seen some really cool collections at some recent shows. A couple of people have had team sets with autographs for each player and a Heisman Trophy card collection with autographs. A lot of people in the hobby also try to get autographs through the mail and typically have better luck when they send a card in with an SASE.

The Beckett and JSA grading merger can now authenticate these card signatures which may or may not affect the value of the card.

I don't think it's wise to pay $$$ for an autograph on a trading card, but it could be a great way to do a customized team set.


LaLoosh said...

It is not something that I would buy either, but my son loves to get autographs and if he wants it on cards I think it is great. I think this is a personal collection issue versus an investment issue. I go to 5-10 minor league games a year and there always people there who collect auto's of players on cards and then I always see the cards on E-bay from people like this. I have never bought a card like this though. I prefer the card companys auto issues

JRJ said...

Agree - I think it's a great way to customize your team sets.

Collection vs. Investment issue - good topic. Beckett has an entire mag for 'investments' which I think is a joke. I would never buy cards with the assumption that value will go up 6% a year so I can retire some day.