Wednesday, January 9, 2008

SportsCenter Jumps the Shark Again

The 6:00 pm ET SportsCenter last night started with Joe Gibbs retiring, Goose Gossage going in the HOF, and Tony Romo's vacation during an off-week. What?!?

Yes, the third story in SportsCenter was about Tony Romo going to Mexico for a few days with Jessica Simpson, her family, Jason Whitten and his wife. What the hell is SportsCenter doing! This isn't Entertainment Tonight!

In ESPN's eyes, this Romo story trumps the Football National Championship played just the night before, Roger Clemens steriod saga, and Andy Pettit saying he won't testify before Congress.

What are they doing at SportsCenter these days!


Troy said...

So True! SC has turned into ET at times. But do you really just want scores and highlights only. Sometimes I want the background story but when sports mix with entertainment, I think we have to sit though what the general public finds interesting. I'm on your side J, I was just pointing out another pov.

JRJ said...

A background story is fine... but do I need to know who players are dating, where they go on vacation, and all of that garbage.

You're right ... the line between SportsCenter and ET has been almost totally removed.

Troy said...

Maybe, what they need is a SCET, then I can decided if I want to sit through which athlete is sleeping with what celeb, OR I can find out who is going to coach the dolphins instead of sitting through who's in Mexico this week.