Friday, January 25, 2008

Rickey Doesn't Like Rickey Being Sued

MAB is sticking right back to Rickey Henderson. MAB-Celebrity is suing Rickey Henderson for breach of contract according to today's NY Post. Apparently Rickey didn't feel like fulfilling his autograph commitment so Rickey decided not to go to the show. : )

In an earlier entry I discussed how autograph companies need to stop treating these athletes like babies - apparently, MAB is starting to use that strategy. I've been to too many shows in the past year where athletes are cancelling or showing up late for no good reason.

While this is a decent risk for MAB - their lawsuit is only for $5,000, I hope it sets a precedent. Athletes are big boys and girls and need to be held accountable for their commitments and their actions. I hope other autograph companies take note of the honorable stand MAB is making and hold their athletes accountable too.

Congrats to MAB for taking a stand. I think they are doing the hobby a service by not taking this crap any more.

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