Tuesday, January 29, 2008

February Football Beckett Report

You call that a prize?

I just received my February Football Beckett and I'm wondering if Beckett is having financial difficulty. Usually they have cool prizes for their contests, but this one . . . not so much.

On page 21, their Collection Challenge "prize" is NCAA Football '08 for the PS2. What?

The "prize" is an 8 month old game... for a last gen console? Come on Beckett. Don't you think anyone who wanted to play that game has already bought or rented it? And if they didn't do it as soon as the game hit the shelves, they've probably played it some time during the actual NCAA football season!

What happened to the cool printing plates, box of cards, or MitchellNess jersey?

1 comment:

Troy said...

Why not Tecmo Bowl for the NES?
NCAA '83 for the Atari 2600!