Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tom Glavine Still Milking NY for Every Penny

What the hell is Glavine doing? Months after he decided to bolt the NY Mets so he could play soccer mom in Atlanta, Glavine is back in the NY area signing autographs.

Glavine was part of MAB's Yankees fest last weekend. I didn't make it to this show, so I don't know how well Glavine was received and how many people he had in line.

I'm guessing he had quite a few people in his autograph line considering his career accomplishments.
I'm not faulting MAB - he has plenty of career accomplishments that people would like to collect . . . my problem is with Tommy.

This guy's a joke. "No I don't want to play for your team, but for $100 I'll sign a baseball for you!"

Having Glavine back in the NY area for autograph show is just as bad as George Foster signing 1986 World Series memorabilia!

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Troy said...

Ahh greed...alive and well.