Monday, January 28, 2008

McFarlane to Sign @ Super Bowl Experience

Our friends at the Beckett Blog say Todd McFarlane may be signing at Saturday's Super Bowl Experience.

I saw Todd McFarlane at the Super Bowl 40 Experience and he was really cool. He talked to people in his booth at the Topps Trading Card Show and couldn't have been a nicer person to everyone. And he didn't just talk about this McFarlane Sports Figures (that I think have gone too retail), but he also talked sports. He talked about his fantasy team, the odds on the Super Bowl, and just about anything else you may have asked him.

If you like his McFarlane Sports Figures, Spawn, or any of his comic book art, then I'd definitely recommend stopping by his booth. I'm hoping the rumor is true and he does do some autographs on Saturday - I plan on being there.

So now the question is... What do I get him to sign?


Troy said...

Don't you have any Dallas or Mets figures you would like signed?

JRJ said...

I got him to sign a baseball and a one if his comics - the first Spiderman cover he did.