Friday, January 11, 2008

Voices of the Game Autograph Show

Many of us first started listening to games on the radio and your connection to a team is via the voice describing the plays. I think the best part of XM Radio is getting to listen to the home team's radio annoncers.
Why not have a Voices of the Game autograph show! Get a baseball signed, 8x10 photos, bobbleheads, or some kind of 'old school' microphone stand!?
Imagine getting autographs for:
  • Vin Scully

  • Bob Shepard

  • Harry Callas

  • Bob Eucker

  • Ernie Harwell

  • Brad Sham

  • Verne Lunquist

  • Pat Summerall
And those are just the names I could think of off the top of my head.

There aren't too many of these legends around any more and it would be a great tribute and show if a promoter could do one. I think MAB would do a great job with this one.

I also posted the topic on the SigningsHotline Bulletin Board if you have a membership there. If you think this would be pretty cool - go on the bulletin board and post a message. Or send MAB an email.

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