Monday, January 21, 2008

Free TV When You Buy an Autograph Football?

Is it a Free TV or a Free Autograph Football? Has memorabilia collecting gone so mainstream that autograph footballs are incentives to buy TVs? Circuity City believes that's the case.
On Sunday morning my bleary eyes picked up an interesting caption in the Circuity City newspaper advertisement - autograph footballs! If you buy a 40" or bigger Samsung TV, then you get a free autograph football from a Hall of Fame player of your choice.
What? Are you kidding me? The same company that gives you a Hanna Montana CDs for buying a new stereo is now giving autograph footballs?!
I'm all for growing interest in the hobby and opening the doors to everyone, but I think this is going to far. What's next? Walmart selling baseball cards? Ooops....


Troy said...

Some balls would be worth hundreds of dollars right? What's the harm in that. It may get new people interested in the market and trade.

JRJ said...

Agreed - I'm definitely for people getting involved in the hobby. But in my opinion, autographs are different than trading cards and giving them out with appliance purchases degrades the hobby - just my 2 cents.

2/3 of the autograph experience is getting it in person - and there are enough shows around the country where you shouldn't have to drive for more than an hour to get one.