Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When Sports Memorabilia Goes Too Far

What is the worst piece of sports memorabilia you can image? Check out this eBay auction.

Yes, that's a game used, autographed jock-strap they are selling on eBay! I don't know if I'd more embarrased to sell it, bid on it, or mark it as "watched item" on My eBay. I read this on another blog last week and Beckett pointed it out yesterday.

I did a quick search on eBay and found these other items:
Top 10 Too Personal Items Sold on eBay
(other than Ryan Braun’s jock strap)

10. Richard Simmons’ shorts
9. Britney Spears’ STD Cream
8. Marv Alberts’ hair piece
7. Pete Rose’s betting slips
6. Mark McGwire’s ‘98 androstenedione bottle
5. Lorena Bobbit's scissors
4. Barry Bonds’ game used Clear
3. Monica’s blue dress
2. Tom Brady’s black book
1. Wilt Chamberlin’s. . . uh, nevermind


Troy said...

Damn, the auction has been removed!

JRJ said...

Could someone have actually contacted the seller to buy it without the auction? It makes perfect sense. I know I wouldn't want that sale on my public profile if I bought it!