Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Super Bowl Tickets Anyone?

I'm starting to pick myself up off the ground following Dallas' horrible performance on Sunday vs. the Giants. Now I need to decide what I should do with my Super Bowl tickets. They should arrive on Thursday - I got the email from the NFL this week saying they were being sent via FedEx.

As I sort through eBay looking at the auctions, Chris at the Gavel Chat has a great article on Super Bowl ticket scams.

OK... I've decided to see what I can get for my tickets on eBay. It has a high reserve, so it may not sell, but we'll see. It's the dilema of do I finally go and see a Super Bowl or do I sell them and take the whole family on a vacation later?

Ugh... this would have been easy if Jason Garrett could get a receiver open vs. a JV Giants secondary!


Troy said...

Why can't you take the whole family to AZ for a Super Vacation? Put a kid on each lap, you'll be fine! LOL

JRJ said...

Someone did get scammed on the same ticket scenario Chris was outlining. He's put an update on the blog.

It totally sucks when this happens and makes the entire eBay communitiy look terrible.

JRJ said...

Just got them today! Whoa.. lower level.. sect. 140. I'm tempted to take them off of eBay!

Troy said...

G Men and Pats! You going or not?

JRJ said...