Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Goose is In, But Rice Is Not

Goose Gossage will FINALLY get into the baseball HOF. What took so long? Once again, the baseball writers get it right, but at their own slow pace.

Gossage was the only one elected by the writers. Jim Rice fell just short again.

Rice deserves to be in HOF - especially after all of this steroid, PED, Mitchell Report talk. Rice's numbers aren't inflated: he didn't have smaller parks, expansion depleted pitching, and PEDs. His numbers are legit and he deserves to be in.

Expect the Goose to be on the autograph circuit a bit more and his cards to surface on eBay. I saw Goose at an MAB show last year. He was the nicest person to everyone and was even shaking hands to anyone who offered as he walked through the hotel lobby.


LaLoosh said...

I think it is time to go back and check out several players stats. In the "clean" era I think Rice, Dawson types should get real consideration for the HOF.

JRJ said...

Rice, Dawson, and Keith Hernandez! The glove, the 'stache, and the Seinfeld episode all deserve to be in!