Thursday, February 7, 2008

Autographs @ NFL Experience

I scored a couple of nice autographs last week at the NFL Super Bowl Experience (despite the poor Topps showing).

The only one I got at the Topps autograph pavilion was Todd McFarlane. I knew he was going to be there because his booth and website said he was scheduled for 2:00 pm.

I came prepared with a baseball and the first Spiderman comic that he did. They both look awesome and he was really cool. It's hard to tell on the baseball I have pictured here, but he added, "HOF NEVER!" with his signature.

The Burger King booth was awesome. I got Roy Williams (of the Cowboys) on a Dallas mini-helmet and on an Oklahoma mini-helmet. He barely noticed my existance when signing the items and signed "Williams" as William$." Classy.

I also got Archie Manning at the BK Booth to sign a Saints mini-helmet with "GEAUX SAINTS" inscription. At the Airforce Booth I got Braylon Edwards and Chad Johnson signing 8x10s. Edwards seemed cool to everyone but Chad Johnson couldn't wait to get out.

Overall I think they are good autos - worth the price of admission.

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