Monday, February 11, 2008

Hit King Hitting the Road

Pete Rose is usually a staple of the Forum Shops @ Caesar's Palace, but lately he's been doing more road trips.

Pete signs with the Stars Live 365 company about 180 days a year @ Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Through the years I've seen him several times to get baseballs, photos, a jersey, and a bat.

MAB has landed him at a few events in the Northeast and this time I found him in Pittsburg, PA. Last weekend he was signing at the Ross Park Mall @ BC Sports.

In an era when athletes just scribble something down and barely notice you (see Roy Williams example at Super Bowl Experience), Pete is a great change. If you're a baseball fan and like Pete, I'd definitely recommend getting his autograph.

Every time I've met him, he's been great. He shakes your hand, talks sports, and customizes your autograph with anything you request. This time he talked to us about his preference to bat 1st in the line-up because he believes you get an extra at bat every game! Obviously Pete has plenty of flaws and isn't perfect, but he's very gracious and nice to his fans.

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