Thursday, February 14, 2008

Somewhere This Man is Smiling

Is there anyone laughing harder these days than former Red Sox General Manager Dan Duquette? Duquette must be having a great time with these Roger Clemens hearings. How many people do you think he's said, "see I told you so!"
For those that don't remember, Duquette was the Red Sox General Manager who was ridiculed for not re-signing Roger Clemens to the Boston Red Sox. Duquette (in)famously said, "we had hoped to keep him in Boston during the twilight of his career." At the end of the '96 season, Clemens was coming off of back-to-back seasons where he only won 10 games hadn't won more than 11 since 1992.

Since then, Clemens met his new trainer, discovered the fountain of youth, and now sits before Congress awaiting perjury charges. He who laughs last....

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