Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Burger King Tops Topps @ Super Bowl Experience

Once again the Topps autograph pavilion was pathetic, unorganized, and clueless.

They expected fans to stand in line for hours before they even knew who was going to be signing! Ridiculous.

The phone number Topps provided fans to call for a list of atheletes who were going to be there wasn't updated often and it gave you a list of players that were all over the NFL Experience... not just at the autograph pavilion.

Surprisingly the Burger King booth was awesome! They had much bigger name players than Topps (Chris Carter, Darrel Green, Roy Williams, Carson Palmer, Archie Manning) and they knew who was going to be showing at specific times. Awesome job for BK!

If you are going to be at a Super Bowl Experience or All-Star Game Fan Fest, I'd recommend checking out the BK pavilion instead of Topps.


Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more. The BK set was very well organized and their players were HUGE. It was fun watching Boomer in that 'HOT SEAT'.

JRJ said...

What does it say when a fast food company does autograph sessions better than a card company?

You're right - the 'HOT SEAT' was awesome! I saw Archie in there with his sunglasses and the BK Crown. I should have taken a picture.