Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Elway/Emmitt Smith Super Bowl Forum

Sprint did a great job all week getting fans in the Phoenix area excited for the Super Bowl (although it didn't take much).

They hosted sever "VIP" functions during the week:

  • NFL Experience After Dark VIP Reception
  • Backstage tour of media
  • NFL Block Party access
  • John Elway/Emmitt Smith forum

Q: How do you get to be a Sprint VIP?
A: Log on to your account online... that's it!

I went to the Elway/Smith forum. It was awesome - like you were sitting in the living room talking sports two great NFL players. John Elway came across very personable, friendly and was very honest with his answers. Emiit came across as pompus, aloof and a little too proud of himself. But it was still great to hear him speak.

The event was hosted by the NFL Network and the audience of 200 was able to ask about 10 questions.

The best audience question was for John Elway, "John, if ABC approached you to do 'Dancing with the Stars' would you do it?" Emmitt just put his head down and John said, "no way."

The Sprint/Nextel CEO was there to start the forum. He provided the line of the night. When testing his mic he asked, "can you hear me now?" Whoops, wrong cell company!

The forum concluded with one fan winning 2 tickets to the Super Bowl! It pays to pay your cell phone bill!

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