Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why this Hobby is Great

I don't know the culture and people of other hobbies, but I know that this one rocks! You get to meet some great people in this hobby.

I got an email the other day from a someone I met on an autograph replated message board. I corresponded with thim through email and talked to him at the Triumph show in Dallas in December.

And now we correspond about autographs shows and if one us can get an autograph for the other. How cool is that?

At that same autograph show in Dallas, I met some nice people from Vermont. There was a date/time change for someone they had an autograph ticket for. They couldn't make the new time, so I got the autograph for them and mailed it to them when I got home. A few days later i got a nice note and some fresh Vermont Maple Syrup... Very Cool!

Those are just two reasons why this hobby is a lof fun. What stories do you have?

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Troy said...

Comic book trade shows are pretty much the same. I was getting married the weekend that one of my favorite artists was going to be a Toledo area Comic Book shop. So the owner was nice enough to get the auto for me due to me being out of town for this silly party, I mean my wedding.