Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Over-rated

Remember when the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was a big deal? It was so big and controversial that it made the national nightly news every year.

Our culture couldn't wait to see if Elle was on the cover again. Not anymore - everyone on the poll question said the SI swimsuit issue is over-rated. Now, it's just a "oh yeah, another guy magazine with a pretty girl on the cover."

Why is that? Is it over-rated now because of other magazines like Maxim and others? Is it over-rated because we now have the internet? Or on a deeper level . . . has our society over the years become so desensitized that the issue isn't a big deal?


Troy said...

You know what would be better... The Playboy Swimsuit Issue!!! They could be in the suit on one page and it would be back on the hanger in the next picture! Over half the girls are naked in the SI issue anyway, not that I'm complaining. But your right, each year there is no more shock and awe to the SI Swimsuit Issue.
Is this sports related or am I going off on a naked girl tangent again?

Anonymous said...

Hi there

I have decided to sell some old swimsuit SI magazines all with an autograph of a model on the cover.
They've been in storage for a few years, and now that I'm moving it's a good time to sell.

As I am a woman, I have left them unused, unopened and in mint condition :)

I guess they are worth a lot - I collected them when working for a UK events company organising SI launches in London.

My question is, where is the best place to sell it online - I guess it would be UK eBay?
And for what price?
I have about 20 of them, some still in plastic unopened covers - limited editions.

Any help would be much appreciated :)
Please answer here or email mmrlene@yahoo.co.uk


JRJ said...

Hi Marlene - Oh come on... you can tell us you opened the magazines, we're not judging! :) Seriously, thanks for stopping by the blog.. hope you like it.

My first attempt to sell the magazines would be at a memorabilia show. Show them to a few dealers - if they aren't interested, they may be able to point you in the right direction. I'd try that before eBay.

The questions a dealer would ask are: How did you get them? What proof do you have they are real?

I did a search on eBay for sold autograph Sports Illustrated - I saw some individual ones that sold for $24-$50. I would think limited editions and in your mint condition would bring back more $$. I'll check around to see what else I can find. I may go to the CSA Show this summer - so I can ask there too for you.

Now how can I get a job like yours!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jrj

Thank you for your post.

I no longer work for the company that organised SI events :)

I will try and find some memorabilia show in London as you kindly advised.
Will do some more reserch and sell them soon.

Thanks so much!
Will keep checking this website anyway.