Thursday, July 24, 2008

$25K for a Steve Bartman Autograph

Would you go to a sports show, in America's 3rd largest city, where you are you tagged as the reason their favorite sports team hasn't won a championship in 100 years, and sign an autograph for $25,000?

That's the question Steve Bartman needs to answer. Bartman is wrongly (in my opinion) accused as the reason why the Cubs lost game six of the 2003 NLCS against the Florida Marlins.
UPDATE: Steve Bartman has turned down the offer. is offering Steve Bartman $25,000 for his autograph at The National Sports Collector's convention next week in Chicago, IL.

According to the press release:
“All Steve has to do is show up, prove he is in fact the real Steve Bartman – not some earphone-wearing imposter – and he’ll move to the top of the autograph value list,” said Wesley Hein, CEO of

The photograph that The National organizers want Bartman to sign is, of course, the infamous image from Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship Series against the Florida Marlins. Once the picture is signed, it will be auctioned on to the general public with net proceeds being donated to a Chicago-based charity. This photo, signed by Steve Bartman, would be, arguably, the most sought-after collectible in the history of sports memorabilia.

A couple of other blogs have already mentioned the Bartman $25,000 offer. Sports Cards Uncensored has a great list of what Bartman could do with $25,000

I hadn't heard of before this promotion. It's the auction site formerly known as Naxcom. The Sports Collectibles News blog aka Sports Lizard has a review of the name change of Naxcom to SportsBuy.

I haven't been able to dive too much into yet, but with eBay raising fees every quarter, destroying their feedback system, and not treating their best customers correctly, I'm anxious to find a new place to look for sports memorabilia.

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