Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beat Up BGS Beckett Contest

Beckett has launched a cool, new contest on their blog, "Beat Up BGS."

I think this could be a pretty cool contest and it is taking their BGS Slab test pictures to another level.

The winner gets 10 free graded cards - that's a pretty cool prize!

  • How high can you drop a slap and still keep the card protected?
  • How fast can you run over it and still keep the card protected?
  • How long can a dog chew on it and still keep the card protected?
  • Will firecrackers destroy it? (does that count as explosives)
  • Can you skip it across a pond?
  • Can you hit it off a tee?
  • Can it survive a gorilla jumping on top of it like the old suitcase commercials?

Thanks to Eric & Beckett for running the promo! I can't wait to see the winners.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No firecrackers, please!

As much as I want to re-live my early teenage years of blowing random stuff up with M-60s, Blackcats and Lady Fingers...we have to ban explosives of any kind.

I gotta admit though, I would be fascinated to see that.

We are kicking around having 'trained professionals' both shoot our slabs and blow them up to see what happens...but that idea is only in the discussion phase and may not (probably won't) make it beyond that.

Something along the lines of the "Mythbusters" guys is what I am thinking. Not those guys in particular, but professionals like them.

I hope everyone has fun with this though, there are plenty of other things that can be done...