Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tony Dorsett Autograph - GET OFF THE PHONE

Well, Tony Dorsett lived up to his reputation as a difficult autograph person.

For the second straight time, while getting his autograph, TD thought it was more important to take phone calls than to display common courtesy. I guess its another case of a pampered athlete doing whatever he wants.

During Sunday's CSA Show in Chantilly, VA, Dorsett took a phone call while he was signing the item of the person in front of me in line and he continued his chatty-cathy conversation when it was my turn.

Dorsett first did this to me in Canton at a Mounted Memories Show. TD was signing my Cowboys HOF helmet with one hand and held his cell phone to his ear with the other hand. This time he discovered the Blue Tooth technology.

But at least I added him to my Super Bowl XII helmet. My list of names on this helmet now includes:

  • Tony Dorsett
  • Rayfield Wright
  • Drew Pearson
  • Preston Pearson
  • Ed "Too Tall" Jones
  • Randy White
  • Hollywood Henderson
  • Mel Renfro
  • Jethro Pugh
  • Larry Cole


Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I love negative Cowboy stories...can I make some disparaging remarks about Tony Dorsett, too?

OK, well, I guess this really isn't that bad considering the circumstances (a charity event), but it was darn frustrating.

I (along with 2 fellow Beckett employees) waited 4+ hours in a very hot parking lot just to get Tony to sign something. The fee was a donation to a kids cancer charity. (

He showed up very late, but to his credit stayed later than scheduled. The bad thing was he LITERALLY got up and left right when we got to the table.

Worst part of all with Dorsett, I was there to get autographs for my father-in-law and step father-in-law as a surprise for Father's Day. (They are both from the Dallas area, I am not, obviously)

Thank God for Everson Walls being there. I was already impressed with him for his kindness to Ron Springs, but I was extra-impressed with him after meeting him in person. Class act all the way.
He said he'd sign whatever we wanted, as many times as we wanted, as long as we kept donating to the event.

I got two autographs from him, both saying, "Happy Father's Day (my inlaws names)! Everson Walls 24."

I wish I had gotten an autograph from Everson Walls for myself.

Someday something he signs for me will join my Bob Lilly autographed photo (another long story) as the only two pieces of Cowboys memorabilia I will allow on my study walls.

Dang, I wanted to bash the Cowboys and ended up saying nice things...

Guess I'll try again sometime, but while I am being nice, that is a sweet helmet.

JRJ said...

Great story about Everson Walls! Thanks for sharing.

I've been to a few signings where there are a lot of Cowboy fans - sadly I've yet to hear a good story about Dorsett or Emmitt.

Bob Lilly is great. I've seen him a few times - he talks to you and treats you like your grandfather used to. It's always a real treat to see him. Dorsett and Emmitt could learn a lot by watching guys like Bob Lilly.