Saturday, July 12, 2008

CSA Autograph Show - Saturday

I went to the CSA Autograph Show in Chantilly, VA this weekend. Saturday was a slow day for me at the autograph area, so that made it a great day to check out the tables.

I found a cool Dallas Texans' Flash Back card. It's a 2006 Topps Heritage card of Art Donovan with his 1952 Dallas Texans' photo and Texans logo. It's not a high value card by Beckett book standards, but I've been collecting more Texans pieces and this one looks pretty good.

I also picked up a 1986 World Series Game 3 ticket. It's the complete ticket and Game 3 is largely over-shadowed by the Game 6 events. After dropping the first 2 at home in the series, the Mets needed Game 3 to get back into it. It's a great game, if you're a Mets fan. The ticket looks good, so I was happy with that pick up.

In my opinion, Chuck Noll was the biggest name at today's autograph area. Noll hasn't done a public signing in a few years, so Steeler Nation was out to get his autograph. Originally Noll was only going to do 45 minutes at a time, but he didn't take any breaks. I didn't get his autograph, but saw a few others that did. It looked great. I was really surprised with how sharp it was. All I've been hearing for weeks is about Noll's health, how good his autograph will look, and other doom/gloom - but I think his autograph looked better than a lot of current signers!

Earl Campbell was also here today. I've seen some Earl autograph pieces at sports shows and on eBay and they didn't look sharp at all. I had even heard that in Canton last year his autograph was looking real sloppy and that his health was in decline. Not today! Earl's autograph was very sharp compared to what I've seen. And he appeared to be in good spirits. Somebody was telling me that he was trying to buy someone's memorabilia piece that he was signing! Now that's a great compliment when a HOFer is offering to buy your memorabilia!

I got Len Dawson's autograph today, I'll blog more about that on Monday when I can download a picture of the helmet.

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