Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ticket Collectors Have a Real Piece of the Game

I mostly collect sports cards and autographs, but lately I've been getting more and more into tickets. I like the cards because it gives you a piece of the athlete - but the tickets and game programs give you a piece of the specific event!

Chris @ the Gavel Chat blog has a great story on collecting tickets and has a few top 10 lists from some of the best ticket collectors in the industry.

I've grown a little jaded to the sports cards industry because of some of the gimmick stuff that's been going on. Maybe this is something to get a little more into - having a ticket or a game program is a great way to actually have a piece of the historic event.


LaLoosh said...

I tend to keep my tickets I a buy programs from every game. The only tickets I have that I really want to save are: 1970 World Series tickets and Cal Ripken tying Lou Gehrigs record 2130. Obviously I was not at the 1970 W.S. but I was at Ripkens 2129 & 2130 Game. It is a cool way of trying to remember any games that you were a part of. I also keep track of stadiums( or big trash dumps like Veterans Stadium) I have been to while I try to hit as many as I can.

JRJ said...

Do you get the tickets graded? If so, how did that work?

Chris @ Gavel Chat said PSA is running a special ... half price for grading, but you have to be a memmber of PSA. Not sure what the cost. I'm not a member.