Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tiger Stadium - Good Bye Old Friend

The Tiger Stadium Wrecking Crew punches in at the time clock today. It's a sad day for baseball.

To think at the end of this baseball season we will have lost old Tiger Stadium and Yankee Stadium.
The amazing part of the article is that their seems to be seats and other pieces still left inside of the stadium. What the heck? Why aren't the auctioning off a lot of those pieces? I think they had an attempt to auction pieces off last year, but the auction company had problems with their web site.
And did it really have to come to this? Earlier this week Wrigley Field was announced as a location for a Wings/Blackhawks outdoor hockey game. Why wasn't this done at Tiger Stadium? Not that Wrigley isn't a great place - but wouldn't it make a lot of sense to give the city of Detroit and Tiger Stadium a revenue shot in the arm by having this event at old Tiger Stadium?

thanks to Shysterball for the heads-up.

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Anonymous said...

I would just cry and cry...

If some transplanted ******* ever takes control in Houston and tries to tear down my beloved 'Dome I am going to be famous! (Charles Whitman-style)