Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Make Video Box Breaks Better - At the National

Beckett card box breaks have been a target for nearly everyone in the blogosphere. Did anyone forget how bad Beckett was beat-up during this winter's Adrian Peterson 1/1 auto patch box break?

Beckett, Topps, SCD, UpperDeck, and others can take steps to improve collectors morale and their perception of companies like Beckett, Toppss, etc. Improve these video box breaks by doing them at next month's National. The steps are easy:

  • Create a raffle. Have people who come up to the Beckett, Topps, or whatever table and enter their name/info on a card and put it in a box.
  • Set a time to pull a name from the box (you have to be there to win).
  • Pull a name from the box with everyone gathered at your area.
  • Have that person be the one to open the box on the video (with the surrounding audience)
  • The person who was selected also gets to keep all of the cards they opened
  • Post the video on your site, blog or YouTube.
Doing this gets more people involved, an audience gets to see the new cards, and a random winner gets to walk away with new cards and an appreciation for the company that provided them.

If the company wants to get more from people who enter, then have them sign up for a mailing list, try a magazine subscription, or submit cards for grading in order to enter the raffle.

Following this process is an easy way to bring an audience to your table/booth, get more people involved in the process, and create happy customers along the way. It's time to spread some good will and give something back to the collectors.


Anonymous said...

I thought I commented on this already...must have been dream-blogging again...

We are going to put as many random box breaks as we can on video. People can sign up at our booth, and we will be wandering around with cameras.
The best breaks will end up on Beckett TV--
Oh, oops...shouldn't have said that yet... ;)

JRJ said...

And I assume the random people keep the cards?

Beckett TV????