Saturday, July 5, 2008

Autograph Hunting Adventures

Before there were MAB, CSA, and Triumph shows. . . there were guys like this!

"If I had to pick the true highlight of my autograph-hunting days, it had to be the brief encounter with Honus Wagner, probably the greatest shortstop in baseball history. At the time, he was a popular coach with the Pittsburgh Pirates, after playing 17 years as their shortstop.

When I walked over to him, he appeared to be sleeping or just dozing off in the hotel lobby. Smiling, he wrote his name, J. Honus Wagner, on the bottom of a tiny photograph of his craggy face. I still recall his big ears and exceedingly large nose. I suspected he might have had a mouth full of false teeth. He thanked me for asking him to sign."

Check out the rest of this great story - this guys needs to have a book deal.
The Baseball Think Factory Blog first reported this.

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