Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Great CSA Show

Last weekend was another great CSA Show. CSA does a great job overall with their shows. They are able to get great guests to each show (about three per year) and draw collector's from 100s of miles away. Here are some of my observations.


  • You can get in the show Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • I was able to pick-up my will-call tickets on Friday evening and take a quick peak at the show.
Autograph Pavilion
  • There were a couple of cancellations, but that's to be expected.
  • The autograph guest list didn't have as much variety as the March show, but that was primarily because there were not any ex-Boxers signing. Football players rule these show.
  • The people calling the autograph numbers were organized and kept things moving.
  • The front autograph pavilion was a little less crowded than before. I think they removed some of the deal tables in this area to make room for the autograph guests.

Memorabilia Tables

  • Great variety for everyone at the tables.
  • There were current card vintage cards, autograph items, programs/yearbooks, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia for collectors.

Admission and Will Call Tickets

  • This area was still an issue. I picked my tickets up on Friday, but there problems for a lot of people on Saturday.
  • Again, I think the will call and admission ticket booths could be outside before you go through the two sets of doors.
  • This could clear up space when you first walk in and around the 2nd autograph pavilion. Of course, this is all weather permitting.

Autograph Tickets

  • The autograph ticket area was improved - it seemed like there was more space to have the lines.
  • If you order your tickets ahead of time (I definitely recommend), this line isn't a problem, but for others this became the longest line of the day.
  • The main problem is still the combination of buying things to get autographed and buying autograph tickets. Some people just need the autograph tickets, and some people are choosing which 8x10 photo to get. This causes a congestion problem.
  • As I discussed in the March show review, I think there should be multiple registers at this area. Mounted Memories generally sets it up like this. They have just one big table with 5 or so different registers.
  • This makes each line smaller and allows for people to do one-stop shopping and to just get autograph tickets. This could prevent one long line snaking through the ropes.

Online COA

  • There seemed to be more people working this line - I didn't notice too much congestion.

Their next show begins on Halloween - check it out if!

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