Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CSA Autograph Show This Weekend

I'm headed to this weekend's CSA Show in Chantilly, VA. I usually catch one of these a year, but this will be my second one in 2008.

CSA does a great job with getting quality guests - mostly NFL HOFers. The show always seems to run smooth and there are plenty of tables to find cards, programs, and other memorabilia.

The biggest appearance this weekend is Chuck Noll. The 4-time SB Champion coach hasn't been around the autograph circuit lately and pre-sale ticket numbers have been #1 on the list since the show was announced.

I'll be picking up a few on Saturday and Sunday:

  • Len Dawson - Texans Helmet
  • Tony Dorsett - Dallas SB XII Helmet
  • Gino Marchetti - Texans Helmet
  • Doc Gooden - '86 Champs Baseball

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