Monday, December 1, 2008

Baseball Hall of Fame - If I Could Vote

Baseball released the ballot for this year's Hall of Fame. Voters submit their ballots next week.

The 23 players on this year's Hall of Fame Ballot include:

• Harold Baines - I know it's wrong, but I can't vote for a full-time DH.
• Jay Bell - Just be happy you're in this group.
• Bert Blyleven - Yes, His complete game numbers are amazing.
• David Cone - Great post season success, but I don't think the career numbers are enough. Tough decision though.

• Andre Dawson - Yes, he dominated an era before PEDs
• Ron Gant - No one stepped in the 'bucket' more often.
• Mark Grace - He was the '90s Hit King, but I don't think that's enough.
• Rickey Henderson - Rickey loves Rickey in the HOF.
• Tommy John - Yes, because of his contribution/recovery with his surgery. He was the guinea pig that extended several HOF careers.
• Don Mattingly - Another tough call, I go with the same arguement as Trammell.
• Mark McGwire - Come clean or go home.
• Jack Morris - Tough call, but I'd like to see it given his post-season success.
• Dale Murphy - Not until Dawson and Rice are in.
• Jesse Orosco - Yes - he saved Game 7! Seriously though, I don't expect Jesse to get a vote!
• Dave Parker - Part of championship teams, but I don't think so.
• Dan Plesac - See Jay Bell.
• Tim Raines - 2nd best lead-off man for a generation (behind Rickey)
• Jim Rice - Yes, same argument as Andre Dawson.
• Lee Smith - Yes, I think closers should get more credit.
• Alan Trammell - Yes, he was the face of a franchise for a generation.
• Greg Vaughn - See Jay Bell.
• Mo Vaughn - Was on path for Cooperstown, then got addicted to Twinkies and slipped on the Angels dugout steps.
• Matt Williams - Biggest casualty of the 1994 strike.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

If I had a vote:

Rickey Henderson - possibly the greatest leadoff hitter ever

Jim Rice, Andre Dawson - their numbers don't look all that special compared to the seasons sluggers have today, but Rice and Dawson were dominant hitters of their era

David Cone - really not a Hall of Famer, but I'd vote for him for sentimental reasons

And that's it (and I admit it's one too many.)

I have no intention of voting for McGwire (or any of the other 90s sluggers) because of the steroid questions.

Murphy and Raines might be worth another look, but Murphy needs to wait for Rice & Dawson to get in, and there's no way Raines can go in the same year Rickey does.

You can make a case for Blyleven and John, but I didn't see them in their prime and they just don't have the stats that make them look like dominant pitchers.

Trammell might be worth another look because of his position, but lets be realistic... nobody would have even let Mattingly stay on the ballot after his first year if he played for the Seattle Mariners.

Brian said...

Give me Henderson, Dawson, and Blyleven and I am a happy man. And just enough votes for Mark Grace to remain on the ballot for 15 years... :)

LaLoosh said...

Should go in:
1-Rickey Henderson. Tickey says I am the greatest!! No brainer
2-Jim Rice In the era of steriods his numbers look even better.
3-Andre Dawson See #2
4-Bert "be home by" Blyleven.
5-Lee Smith. If Fingers and Sutter are in so should Lee Smith.
The rest I do not believe should or will get in based on length of dominance or were just great solid players but not at the top of their positions of their era.