Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brooks Robinson - The 2nd Best 3B Ever

Who was a better 3B - Brooks Robinson (pictured here) or Mike Schmidt?

This photos is from that same collection of pictures at the flea market. The photo was taken July 22, 1991.

I know Brooks has the gold gloves, no one was better there, but I'll take Michael Jack Schmidt over Brooks as #1 on the hot corner.

Your thoughts?


LaLoosh said...

Defense wins championships. You can all the home runs from Schmidt, I will take world championships and 3 World Series appearances in 3 years any day. What did Schmidt add - Two world series flops? When the pressure was on Brooks won games!!

Brian said...

Who would you say is #3 on the list?? I go with Chipper Jones...

JRJ said...

Tough call on #3, I think it depends on what position you say ARod will enter the HOF as. Do you consider him a 3B or a SS?

LaLoosh said...

A-Rod in a few years will be #2 then Schmidt.
Right now.
1-Brooks Robinson
2-Mike Schmidt
3-George Brett
4-Alex Rodriguez
5-Pie Traynor
6-Chipper Jones
7-Wade Boggs
8-Craig Nettles...oops 80's flashback.

JRJ said...

We'll never agree on Schmidt vs. Robinson, but Brett over ARod?

I'm not an ARod fan, but there's no way Brett is ranked higher than him. The only thing Brett has over him is hits and ARod's played in 6 fewer seasons. ARod has more career RBIs, HRs, Runs, and SBs. He also has 2 more MVPs than Brett.