Thursday, December 11, 2008

Davey Johnson to Manage USA World Classic

Davey Johnson is going to manage MLB's USA World Baseball Classic team. Here's the press release from MLB.

I think Davey's a great choice. He wins everywhere he goes. Dave obviously was the manager of the 1986 Mets, and he also took the Reds and Orioles to the playoffs.

I got this baseball autographed at MAB's Amazing Mets Fest in November 2008. Davey signed this baseball for me plus the 1986 team ball that I have. Of course Roger McDowell argued with me about that, but don't get me started!


deal said...

I agree. O's should have never parted ways with him. I wish the WBC would get more coverage. I know it screws up spring training and there is the possibility of injuries and all that garbage but I think it is a prety cool event.

JRJ said...

deal - I hope the WBC gets more coverage than ARod's back and forth home country affiliation.