Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pete Rose Rookie Card - Pete in the Hall?

1963 Pete Rose Rookie Card - Topps #537.

All of the Hall of Fame talk brought me to dig out my Pete Rose rookie. My personal favorite is his 1964 card because it only has Pete on it, but this one is pretty close.

It's tough to find a good '63 rookie. The white borders make it difficult on the centering.

Think about it - until ARod breaks every record, it's very likely that baseball will have a Hall of Fame without the all-time hits leader, the all-time home run leader, and the single season home run king.

Does Pete Rose deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?

As with the previous Bob Hayes posting: Yes, I shamefully admit that I'm trying to post more card entries (to go with my autograph passion) as part of my quest to reach the Wax Heaven - Heavenly Seven summit.


Brian said...

He is long overdue for induction into the Hall of Fame. I hope I see this in my lifetime. If I don't, it will be a shame!!

JRJ said...

I totally agree with you Brian. I had the dubious honor of answering this question from a kid this week: "Why is OJ in the Hall of Fame but Pete Rose isn't?"

Dave said...

Pete Rose damaged the credibility and integrity of the game by gambling on the outcome of games while he was manager of the Reds. That is an unforgivable sin. He shouldn't be allowed within 100 miles of Cooperstown.

JRJ said...

Dave - Good to see you're feeling better, thanks for stopping by and weighing in.

Anonymous said...

I have followed Pete since the beginning of his career from his first hit off of bob friend to his disgraceful exit in 1986 as all time hit king and then manager of his beloved reds.
no player ever gave more on the field in my opinion than pete but he surrounded himself with some bad apples but who are we to judge as we have dope heads and steriod users in the hall lets put the man who did more for baseball in his 23 year career than most hall of famers JIM