Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yankees and Mets ask NY for More Money

How far will the Yankees and Mets dig into the pockets of NY residents?

In a time when large corporations are walking to congress with their hands extended, ESPN and the AP are reporting that the Mets and Yankees are asking for more than the $1.5 Billion the city has already granted them. The teams want $450 million more in public bonds to help finance their new stadiums.

This is amazing. Nearly half a million people lost their jobs in November, the "Big 3" automakers are considering Chapter 11, our 401(k)s have been beaten into the ground, and the Yanks/Mets think now is a good time to ask the city for more public money!

I think New York tax payers have paid enough - $1.5 Billion seems more than reasonable.

And the "thank you" New Yorkers get from these new ball parks are: $500 seats, 2x the PSL cost, expensive ball park food, and two teams that can't spend their way into playoffs.

It's time for Mayor Bloomberg to remove himself from the Plaxico Burress situation and tell the Steinbrenners and Wilpons that they've received enough public funds.

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