Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best Sports Card Christmas Gift

I always had two items on my Christmas list: box of baseball cards and more Star Wars Storm Troopers.

I never got either of them. The excuses I'd hear were "we don't know which box to get" and "you already have that guy." What? Don't you get it? There's an entire army of Storm Troopers.. it's not just one guy and it didn't matter what box or pack, I just wanted something in my stocking other than tube socks. I wasn't as asking for a Red Ryder BB Gun, just a few cards and a Star Wars figure.

Anyway, before I ruin more therapy . . .
What is the best card/memorabilia item you received as a gift?


deal said...

2006 Heritage pack with Geoff Jenkins. To long a story to get into here, but will try and post about it someday.

good question topic for the bat around someday.

zman40 said...

Either the Clemens or Gwynn or Barry Sanders signed balls. I don't really know if the baseballs are authentic, but the football should be.

Anonymous said...

I remember getting some wax packs in my stocking back in the days that they were still sealed with wax. I'm sure they were exciting at the time, but I have no idea what was in any of them now.

I had better luck getting the Star Wars stuff when I was a kid. I was able to convince my folks that I needed at least two or three Stormtroopers. :)

Maybe this year will be different. I know I've got some cards from the Tribe Cards giveaway under my Christmas tree, and maybe I've got some other stuff. One of my friends sent me a Mets-decorated stocking filled with stuff, so cards are a possibility there too.

JRJ said...

Sorry the blogosphere flu bug kept me from responding to this for a couple of days..

Zman40-Autograph bballs/fballs sound great. Have you thought about getting them PSAd or JSAd? I've never done it, but I guy I talked to at a CSA Show said it was pretty quick and cheap depending on the signature.

Paul-I'm jealous you won the Stormtrooper arguement. I don't think I could win that arguement today.

Deal-I'm looking forward to the Geoff Jenkins post. You are building the hype!