Monday, March 17, 2008

Smooth CSA Show

This is how an Autograph/Memorabilia show is supposed to be run. I've been to a few CSA Shows and I think the autograph pavilion area and card tables are better each time. I went to the show on Saturday, March 15 and really enjoyed it. Here are some of my observations:

Autograph Pavilion

  • For the most part, all of the guests were on time - although there were two cancellations (not CSA's control).
  • There was plenty of room between all of the autograph lines.
  • The area around the pavilion was crowded, but I think that was due to the popularity of the guests.
  • The people calling the autograph numbers were organized and kept things moving.

Autograph Pavilion 2

  • The front autograph pavilion was a bit crowded and pushed to the side.
  • I know these are the lesser-known guests, but it seemed like they were pushed into a corner a bit. I don't know the solution for this, but you couldn't see the Green Bay Packer reunion because of the Buster Douglas/Bone-Crusher Smith table.

Memorabilia Tables

  • I thought there were plenty of tables and plenty of room between the rows.
  • There was also a decent variety of items.
  • There was a good mix of current card tables vs. pre-1970 card tables.
  • I thought the people running the tables were well-informed and were friendly to everyone. I found a table that had a lot of 1955 Bowman football cards that were in great condition.

Admission and Will Call Tickets

  • This area was the most congested due to the popularity of the show.
  • I think the will call and admission ticket booths could be outside before you go through the two sets of doors.
  • This could clear up space when you first walk in and around the 2nd autograph pavilion. Of course, this is all weather permitting.

Autograph Tickets

  • If you order your tickets ahead of time (I definitely recommend), this line isn't a problem, but for others this became the longest line of the day.
  • The problem is you have people looking for items to buy to get autographed and people who just need the tickets.
  • I think there should be multiple registers at this area. Mounted Memories generally sets it up like this. They have just one big table with 5 or so different registers. This makes each line smaller and allows for people to do one-stop shopping and to just get autograph tickets. This could prevent one long line snaking through the ropes.

Online COA

  • I don't pay and do the online COA stuff because I don't ever plan on selling my items, but I was told this line was run really smooth with efficient and friendly people.
  • This area wasn't even backed-up following the Terry Bradshaw autograph line. Hello Triump and Prova... are you listening?

If you have the chance, take a road trip and go to one of the CSA Shows. They do a good job and have great guests. Check out their website @

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