Friday, March 28, 2008

The Baltimore Orioles Smell Like Ham

Nothing says "desperation" quite like using a new scoreboard to attract fans to a baseball game! But that's the state of today's Baltimore Orioles.

Yes, the Orioles have added HD screens to their center-field scoreboard, click here.

I knew a guy in college who smelled like he rubbed ham all over himself. He smelled odd, and that's the only way that I can describe it. But he had a huge TV in his apartment and we all came over to get the big time pay-per-view boxing fights. At the time, it was great and during the fight we forgot about the ham smell. But one night, things got rowdy and his TV broke. Without the TV and boxing matches, no one wanted to hang out with a guy that smelled like ham so we went somewhere else.

Like the guy I knew in college, the Orioles should spend their money so they don't smell like ham. Instead of getting a fancy TV, they should spend their $5 million to get a better set-up man, keep Erick Beddard, or improve their scouting departments to prevent signings like Javvy Lopez.

I love Camden Yards - I think it's the best of all the new ballparks and in my mind, it ranks just behind Wrigley, Fenway, and Yankee Stadium. And I like the Orioles, but come on... if you want people to see your team play, then improve the team! A bigger TV isn't going to get rid of that smell of ham.


Troy said...

You shouldn't talk about Mark like that when he can't defend himself. (At least I know you're not talking about me.) Or was it Gaver? Hmmmmm.

JRJ said...

No comment. :)

JRJ said...

I guess the new TV is making more friends. The O's set a record for worst attendance on a night (4/2)with 10,505.

LaLoosh said...

Was this post about people smelling like ham or about baseball? I never knew anyone that smelled like ham. You sure that wasn't from your summer camp experience at Camp Pig Farm when you were in 11th grade? I was just at the O's game. What a great scoreboard.The old one sucked! With rebuilding you need something there that looks good. We are 4-1 though with the Mets 2-3.Besides most of the 5 million came from other companies besides the Orioles.

JRJ said...

"need something that looks good"? That whole ballpark is awesome. Let me know when the Os get a free agent who says, "I wouldn't have come here if it hadn't been for that scoreboard."

Maybe those same companies should start a pledge drive to buy the Orioles from Angelos??