Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Farrvvvrreeeeee Memorabilia

How does the Brett Favre retirement party affect his memorabilia sales?

I think like any other sports legend, we'll see a spike in card and autograph prices. But will it be as high as other sports legends? Did the 4-year rumor of his retirement already attract people looking for his rookie card or autograph helmet?

Be careful if you're looking on eBay for Favre memorabilia. Unfortunately, these types of legend retirement parties also bring out the people making bogus autograph memorabilia.


World o Sports said...

Some info on the topic of Favre jerseys, Favre rookie cards and Favre autographs in the wake of his retirement:

JRJ said...

Thanks for the post and reading the blog. Great article on Favre memorabilia on your site.

LaLoosh said...

As soon as Favre retired I sold one Favre item and one aaron Rodgers card. Favre is just a class act and his memorabilia value is just going to go up. You can't help but like him.

JRJ said...

I have many great memories of Favre... one of my favorites is his last pass vs. the Giants in the NFC title game! :)