Monday, March 31, 2008

Tigers Autographs from Spring Training

Guest Blogger Photos: Troy

Frequent SportsLocker Blogger, Troy, shared these autographs from this year's spring training.

Tigers' ace Justin Verlander signed this baseball. The location of this autograph is great. Too many people always get the autographs on the sweet spot. Logo'd baseballs like this Verlander ball and others (ie, All-Star Game baseballs) should be signed right under the logo. This way, the logo and the signature will show when you display it.

The bat is signed by Magglio Ordonez. The coolest part, is it's a personalized Ordonez bat... not some generic Louisville Slugger. Very Nice.

Troy - Give us the story. Where in spring training were these signed? Before a spring training game? Was this around a group of people or were the players walking somewhere by themselves?


Troy said...

The Story:
My grandparents have been going to Lakeland Florida for Tiger's spring training for as long as I can remember, the collection that is going to passed down to me in amazing! My granddad had to chase Mags down for 4 weeks straight, getting to the parking lot at 7am, finding out that he drives himself to away games made his very elusive! He said the players were not as accessable as they were in the past, parking lot was gated off this year. But persistance paid off and he finaly got the bat signed on a sunday, between the players lot and the park. The Verlander ball was much easier as he was signing along the wall one of the first days of camp. The family and I plan on going down in person next season, so I'm sure I'll have a lot to report come next year.

JRJ said...

Great story of your grandparents chasing Mags in a parking lot.

There should be a Hallmark thank you card for getting autographs for people!

Maybe something like,
"Thank you for your persistance, dedication, and risk of getting arrested for stalking so I could have this autograph."