Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pete Rose Autographcast Date Questions?

For Pete's sake - Are you confused on the date of this thing too?

My email said it was Sunday, March 23, but the FansEdge website has two different dates: March 22 and March 23. So which is it?

I called their 888 phone number and the girl on the phone told me it was probably on Saturday. What? Probably? When I told her about the different dates on the site she advised me to call the number on the web site.

Um, sweetie... that is the number I called and you answered the phone!

So I emailed customer service a few minutes ago, and I just got a response that their customer service was closed on weekends.

This isn't off to a good start.

Follow-up 3/25:
I got an email Monday night from FansEdge. They apologized and said that Pete needed to reschedule to Saturday night which is why there was the time confusion. FansEdge is a pretty good site and Pete is the StarsLive365 big star, so I have no doubt this will go smoother and improve as their autographcasts continue.

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