Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mr. Saturday Night in Pinstripes?

Are you kidding me? Billy Crystal has signed with the Yanks to play a spring trianing game for the Yankees against the Pirates tomorrow night. I guess Pay-Rod needs another day of rest.

What? Are we turning spring training into the MTV Rock/Jock softball challenge? Is Roger McDowell going to come back and pitch?

Does Billy Crystal have something better to do? Like start working on the much anticipated and hyped "Mr. Saturday Night 2?"

The NY Post has a good review on this.


Anonymous said...

Lest we forget--Garth Brooks suited up for the Padres several years back. And didn't Tom Selleck get on the field for the Tigers down in Lakeland many years ago, too? Cult of celebrity. Witness the decline and fall of the American Empire. Visa stock should be hot for a few months if you're looking for a cash grab, though...

JRJ said...

Excellent points! I forgot that Garth had a pinch-running episode for San Diego... I can't remember if Selleck played in an exhibition game or just took BP.

How long until Topps creates the Mr. Saturday Night game used jersey card from his exhibition game.

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