Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Voice of God" Sheppard out 'till June

Bob Sheppard, the 97 year-old long-time PA announcer for the Yankees will miss the stadium's final home opener.

The NY Daily News reports that Sheppard is recovering from health issues and should be back in June.

I'm not a Yanks fan, but hearing Bob Sheppard do the PA is awesome. He is a huge part of the Yankee Stadium experience. Hopefully Bob can come back to do the last game of the season at Yankee Stadium and the first game at the new one.

This will be Sheppard's 58th season as the PA announcer for the Yankees. Just think of the historic moments he's been at the mic!

I have been on the signingshotline message boards asking for a "voices of the game" autograph show that would include Bob Sheppard! Maybe someone can still pull this together.

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