Monday, March 24, 2008

Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium Proceeds to Charity

According to Monday's NY Post, the ownership of Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium is being negotiated between the city of New York and the team's owners in order to maximize profits at the fans' expense... again.

Currently, the city owns the actual stadiums.

The teams are trying to lock-up the ownership of their facilities so they can get the majority of the profits by selling everything can of ball parks before the wrecking ball swings through. You can expect the Yanks and Mets to sell everything including: seats, signs, and sh*tters.

What is the Steiner Sports role in this?

I'm not sure how Steiner Sports may be involved. They currently sell everything game-used that deals with the two New York teams. When I talked to Steiner Reps at the National Card show in Cleveland and at an MAB Show last year, they said they were in negotiations with the city to be the broker of these items.

So it sounds like once again, corporate attorneys are fighting to see who can rip off fans the most. I'm worried about prices for these items will go insane. If the team, the city, and (maybe) Steiner are all asking for a percentage - this could get really expensive.

Instead of lining the pockets of the Steinbrenners, Wilpons, government, and (maybe) Steiner... I'd like to see these the sale of these items benefit the local charities! Proceeds from the destruction of these parks should go to Bronx and Queens based charities. They put up with the traffic, parking, and noise... why not let their community benefit from the wrecking ball?

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