Monday, March 31, 2008

Is this a Beckett/Upper Deck Scam?

Here's the video from Beckett's box breaks. The StaleGum blog is doing a nice job covering this.

To protect their honesty and integrity, Beckett should change the way they accept boxes for box breaks. They should buy their boxes off the shelves like we all do!


JRJ said...

For the record, I don't think Beckett is part of this conspiracy... but I do believe UpperDeck looks guilty of sending them loaded boxes.

I'd like Beckett to disclose on their blog how they receive their boxes and what they are going to do to prevent this from happening again.

Brian Alexander said...

I think you are right, This looks like a scam!

Pepper Hastings said...

If we had any idea about what was in those boxes and the broohaha it would cause, we would never have opened them. Total surprise to both of the guys on camera.
-- Pepper Hastings, Beckett Media

JRJ said...

Pepper! Thanks for the comments and stopping by.

I think Beckett's in a tough spot when it comes to product reviews: you have to do them early or people get upset... which is why you get the boxes from UD, Topps, etc.

But my question is: Will Beckett change their policy on how they do box breaks and reviews? Will Beckett still take products from the card companies?

I don't know what the solution is either, but these breaks looked like Upper Deck loaded them.

Thanks again for stopping by. I appreciate it.

Troy said...

This is a facinating little video! Do you know the astonomical odds of getting those cards!!! I have a better chance at the lottery. 1 of 1, I could put my daughter through college with the amount of rare cards they pulled out of those boxes. If the National's smelled like ham, I think you know what this smells like! And what "Total surprise to both of the guys on camera."? If jrj and I had been opening those boxes and pulled out those cards, I would have been speechless from shock and he would screaming as if we were watching Dallas in the 1990's! These 2 yahoos look as if they were expecting to find what they found. I have to call shenanigans on this!

Pepper Hastings said...

Troy, you gotta listen, man. I wish there was more to the story, but Tracy and David thought they would get the stated "odds" and nothing else.

I know the "conspiracy" thing makes for a better story and lively debate. It's even more fun for me to read about. But there's nothing to it.

Troy said...

Let me start off by saying it's an honor to have Pepper respond to one of my comments!

I'm not blaming Beckett either, but like jrj said, I'd like to know how they got their boxes. If they had walked into a card store and purchased them off the shelf, then we may be saying how the box was planted there. I think Pepper is right by saying "If they had known what was in the boxes, they never would have opened them." Let me suggest that Beckett should change from accepting boxes, and go out and get their own random sample.

But since they did open them, I think they should share the contents of the boxes with the regular members of "The Sports Locker” my cards can be sent to jrj and I’m sure he'll get them to me!

JRJ said...

I think the Beckett box break process needs to change. Changing the process is better than saying, "we had no idea" and will go a long way to restoring credibility.

Get the boxes off a store shelf so it's completely random. That way, card companies aren't tempted to load a box or give that appearance.

Take this as an opportunity to show your readers/bloggers how you see their perspective and how you are going to restore faith by listening, reacting, and changing your process so card companies aren't tempted to load boxes for your breaks.

As for the cards... you can have them Troy - I'm not much of a modern card collector.